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Welcome! I am Sylvie

Artistic Director and Founder of Inspirata Luxe Events

Make the simplicity a signature. The aesthetic universes imagined are praises to the refined charm.

Although my passion for sharing a taste of aesthetics, sensations and smells with others dates back as far as I can remember, my professional experience began with a DEC in Interior Designer and History art.

My career as a project manager in large companies such as Cirque du Soleil and TVA related to shows and media, I have acquired over twenty years of experience in the development of valuable industrial relations with suppliers and sellers local and international, while honing my skills in coordinating logistics and planning unforgettable experiences for clients.

My passion has always been events, in particular the design of events of all kinds. So I ended up leaving the high towers of downtown to found Inspirata Events in 2013 and live my passions.

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Completely dedicated to love stories, our assistants proudly run the kissing counter.

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Happy to meet you here!

I am Francine

Co-Founder, Planning Manager


I started my professional career as an assistant to medical professionals. My skills have led me to extend my qualifications by reaching budgetary goals while providing quality care at the cutting edge of technology with attention to detail respecting high medical standards.

Listening, the calm that emanates from my personality reassures and puts at ease the people with whom I am in contact. Renowned as a leader, I excel in a climate of mutual aid. I support teams and clients in the objective and realization of their projects.

Aesthetics and authenticity are inseparable elements of my personality as well as the material or moral atmosphere that surrounds an environment and refined atmospheres.

In my free time my preferences are a good meal with friends for me is defined by an attention to detail both in the composition of the menu and the quality of the food and to the smallest detail of a refined and friendly setting.

My taste for travel led me to embrace the knowledge of different cultures, picturesque landscapes, local art and cuisines with spicy and colorful smells.

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