Sylvie selects her collaborators for their sense of organization and aesthetics, but also for their shared values: respect, savoir vivre, curiosity, rigor and love of work well done. Concentrated in talents, the agency brings together scenographers, florists, decorators, artists, photographers and cameramen, alongside whom it delivers a message of exhilarating hedonism.



Meet some!


Claire is an artist who was told at the age of 8 that she shouldn’t take any art classes and that she wouldn’t amount to anything in this field. So she stayed away from art until she became pregnant with her first child. Her creativity needed an outlet and she started decorating her baby’s room with needlepoint frames and beaded mobiles. Sponging and stenciling walls became a passion until she discovered air-drying clays like DAS. She enjoyed experimenting with granite paints as well.
Claire started making jewelry in 2010. Her pieces range from fashion jewelry to more daring artisan styles. YouTube videos, books, magazines as well as Pinterest inspire her. It was during her exploration of those artisan styles that she came across a practice called Fold Forming, innovated by Charles Lewton-Brain. Fold Forming is a technique whereby metal is folded, repeatedly forged and annealed, and unfolded; at which stage it generally has a dramatic new three-dimensional form. Claire was fascinated by what she could do to a piece of metal, transforming it into a piece of art.
Claire continues to create jewelry as well as fold-formed copper sculptures and she paints abstracts using acrylics and alcohol inks. She is an organic maker of many creative forms and was a perfect fit as an I.AM (Inter-generational Arts Movement) co-founder in 2014. Claire’s vibrant passion towards the arts is felt through her workshops, as she strongly believes in the need for accessible arts programming within the GTA.



About Anne

She is Artisan-painter on silk. In 1983, Anne Pochat was hired as a painter at Foulards Caméléon, a craft company created by her mother in 1978. Her role was already to paint silk scarves for the St. Paul Street shop in Old Montreal and To the many fairs in which they participated. Enriched with three years of painting training at Concordia University, Anne is now revisiting silk painting. Drawing on a thorough knowledge of the history of this millennial material, the artist experimented with different techniques by adapting her art to the intrinsic characteristics of the types of weaves, more or less lustrous, their weights and their flexibility. For Anne Pochat, a scarf is much more than a simple fashion accessory: it is the continuation of the personality of the person who wears it! With this in mind, each scarf created by it is unique, since hand painted and presents a different facet according to the way it is fold.

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